ma pi jan jo

o kama pona! (welcome!)

if you're reading this message, this website does not meet the webmaster's standards. please leave until it does.

This website is currently in a damaged state. Browsing at this time is VERY LIKELY to bring you into contact with a rift. In order to ensure your well-being, please leave immediately and visit another website. Thank you for your cooperation.

hello! this is a website where i put things. i have none of the knowledge and all of the opinions.

please be aware that this website is very wip, and i am not updating it with any semblance of consistency! expect new content in a tenpo IDK.

rather than focusing on making a cohesive website, i've decided to treat neocities like a file-hosting service. this website is a collection of disparate things that happen to be hosted in the same place.

may i introduce you to karkamelldansen (contains cursing)

they don't tell you this in school, but... women aren't real. only money is. stay on the grind kings 😎