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monster in the woods

to kill one's essence is an impossibility,
but to convince it that it has no power to act
is close enough.
what use is that power anyway when
to try to leave a mark on reality is to
invite wrath.

i am a monster in the woods.
i hide in fear
of what you will do to me when i upset you.
that would be inevitable.
i foam at the mouth,
filled with bitterness.
i can always see rot
and yet i may not expose it.
that would upset you.

my very essence corrodes.
to be my authentic self
is to destroy.
when it thinks it can reach a target
it breaks out and ravages
every time.
to let this happen is to
invite your wrath.

i am a monster in the woods.
i hide in fear
for if i slip and dare to think i can create good
then you would certainly maul me.
i cry and wail,
filled with sadness and frustration.
never out loud though,
for that would upset you.

(something about difficulty with changing self should go here)

i am a monster in the woods.
i wish i could do good.
but that's impossible?
i let out a terrible scream
filled with rage and hatred and

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i see what is kept from me.
my soul curdles with anger.
how dare you practice ignorance
so that you may be accepted.
how dare you enjoy bonds with others.
i hunger to live.
i cannot. i starve.