outgoing links

this is where i link other websites that i think are cool

links that i dont have the time/energy/motivation/understanding to describe

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links that i've given descriptions

  • memetic-apioform-page (cw for large image of many bees)
  • Mackerelmedia Fish - SO good. i could not do it justice with a description. highly HIGHLY recommend checking out
  • THE SERVICEBERRY by Robin Wall Kimmerer (cw food) - a specific article, not a website. INCREDIBLE read! highly HIGHLY recommend! the opening paragraph summarizes it best:
    As Robin Wall Kimmerer harvests serviceberries alongside the birds, she considers the ethic of reciprocity that lies at the heart of the gift economy. How, she asks, can we learn from Indigenous wisdom and ecological systems to reimagine currencies of exchange?
  • (hi! future placeholder coming in here to interject with a suggestion too good to leave out -- i recommend you check out corru.observer, a game that's... well, i'm not sure how to describe it, but you'll probably know whether you like it or not within the first few minutes; i highly recommend just checking out the front page if nothing else)
  • Stranger Eons - an ongoing webcomic. it takes clear inspiration from Homestuck and Rain World, then throws in its own spice to create something i'm very invested in. i really enjoy it so far, highly recommend!
  • muncee's reef button (cw eyebleed) - an ECLECTIC (and hilarious) personal website! the jokes made me laugh very loudly. i very recommend
  • jmibo button - a personal website with a lot of (usually code-related) small projects/creations, which are high-quality imo. i also very recommend
  • clownbonk button (cw clown theme, lots of movement, flashing images, food) - an ECLECTIC and SILLY website ALL ABOUT CLOWNS!! it makes me want to BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS!! it's clearly a WIP but the few pages present are still PACKED WITH CONTENT! there's a long (and yet STILL WIP!) recounting of clown history and WHOA clowns are FASCINATING! i ALSO very recommend
  • awesomecars.neocities.org/ (cw high volume, small chance of inappropriate audio) - peak comedy. some cars i like are #472, #795, #306, #113, and #464
  • id like to emphasize the existence of wobble.town, a small and exceedingly simple adoptables site (also you can customize the html on your wobble's page)
  • go learn about now pages: nownownow.com/about
  • g0thalicious.neocities.org/ (cw food theme (specifically fruits/berries)) - a warm personal(?) website! soothing, nice vibes :)
  • Jack Eisenmann's website, ostracodfiles.com
    • i haven't looked through all his(?) content yet (there's a LOT), but
    • i enjoy Cactus Quest
    • and plan to check out BreadQuest sometime
  • [REDACTED]mail.com (cw for very prominent sex-related term) - kinda funny i guess