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so its been a while

why am i back after so long? well, im teaching my friend toki pona, and i had some resources written for it in webpage form on my computer. so i figured, why not upload them to neocities? along with the rest of the website files? i've stopped giving as much of a shit about presentability anyways.

so, here are the files that were on my computer when i last worked on this several months ago, visible to you in website format thanks to neocities, with very minimal changes/fixes!

have fun!! :D

(below is what i originally had written for this log:)

I live

SO much has happened. here's what changed:

  • upgraded the site style and general layout. now there's a navigation bar and a footer on each page, and the page is floating in a pretty space background!!
  • pretty much like... every single previously existing page has been updated
  • i've started making two toki pona courses!
    1. a comprehensive one that aims to teach deep understanding of the fundamentals of toki pona
    2. a small one that aims to give you the minimum tools needed to start learning by speaking
  • i updated some assets, the website stamp and log!
    • old stamp
    • new stamp
    • old log
    • new log


i've decided that this website doesn't meet my standards. i've decided to close it off while i improve it.

if you're wondering where the entry for the 24th went: its existence was an error.


HELLO gamers!! i have been WORKING for a WHILE and i am EXCITED to bring this BRAND NEW UPDATE to you!!

  • UPDATED THE SEMANTIC DICTIONARY!!! also resorted words based on more recent data
  • made an attempt to make the website more accessible for those with screen-readers... which took a lot of time to do, and i don't think i'm even done yet!
  • added a "gate" page with a warning for images of clusters of small objects (which may appear in johnvertisements)
  • updated the site theme
  • totally revamped the links page, as well as adding some more stuff there!
  • added splashes to the main page (previously called "the home page") (there are now exactly 8 (eight) unique splashes)
  • restructured my about me... which took an embarrassing amount of time to do, considering that the change isnt even that big. 3/10 experience, was kinda miserable

i... didnt really make that much actual website content. whoops.

would've kept working on it until it was perfect but then i wouldn't have an update. oh well


  • changed the site theme to use web-safe colors
  • similarly changed the website stamp and favicon:
    • old stamp new stamp
    • old favicon new favicon
  • updated external links page


huge update -- i've finally made a log! now i can give much more comprehensive information per site update, without cluttering the main page, and you can see previous entries!

i am structuring this log based on the HTML Journal, standard created by m15o. you can subscribe to this log with an atom feed. the link to it will be added to this page, or you can generate it yourself using this tool.

anyways, onto the new stuff!

  • added a dedicated log (this!) to track site updates!
  • updated the home page to reflect this
  • added a site todo list (so you can know what i'm planning to add next)
  • updated my about me

i've noticed that lately, i've been focusing a lot on the framework of the site, as well as updating my personal pages (actually just page (singular) now). i'm hoping to make some more actual content soon, especially updating my toki pona semantic dictionary.


  • moved external links from this page to a dedicated external links page
  • moved stamp code and neocities site page link to my about me
  • fixed the code for loading my cw script
  • removed link to now page
  • spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the browser force-show updated content instead of showing cached content, then coming to the conclusion that it's likely an issue with Neocities and it's not worth the effort to try to fix it

the couple of days before:

  • added more external links to this page
  • added the cw script for my about me (i somehow forgot to add it before)
  • updated my stamp sprite
    • new:
    • old:
  • fixed update date for my now page, as well as changing the name of the gibberish time unit
  • removed an unnecessary tone tag (you get 1 (one (wan)) mani tonsi if you figure out which one)